Monday, October 26, 2009

The Utah Jazz Game!

Pumpkins Anyone!

This was my idea but Aj wasnt happy! :)

So we had a fun night carving pumpkins! I designed the face of it and I was proud of it!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Utah Utah Utah

Twiners! This is what happens when you are sisters who buy the same skirt! You show up places with the exact skirt... But at least it's a cute one! Just for the record she copied me!

Friday, August 7, 2009


I went to bear lake in Utah and it was a blast! I have been in Utah almost two weeks and already managed to get hurt.. I was so excited to get in the water and wakeboard cause it has been a couple weeks since i have been.. The bad news is I caught an edge and fell face first and the board came up and hit my face. I am not going to lie it was painful but the first thing I asked the group I was with was " Are my teeth still there?" And they were.. I noticed when I wipped my face there was a large amount of blood on my arm coming from my face. I thought I got a bloody nose or something..but no I cut the upper part of my lip.. I got in the boat and was a little shocked to see my face cut.. I was way worried I was losing my teeth.. but the cut was pretty funny..I thought I looked like a European painter. So the family I was with took me to the Clinic and the doctor there stitched me up.. He also told me no making out until I get healed.. I started laughing cause all I could think is I have a fat lip and a greasy cut.. gross.. But that was my second week in Utah ..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving to Utah

Yes it's true, I am finally leaving Missouri and heading to Utah. I have wanted to do it for the last two years and with the salon flooding I feel like its the perfect time to leave. I am getting it all figured out right now and although I have like no friends out there I am very excited! Being here in Missouri was good but I am ready for a change and I already know I like Utah enough to want to be there.. I am pretty sure I am heading out in two weeks!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Two Concerts in Two weeks.. Love it...

I was way excited when I got to go out and go to a couple concerts recently.. Ok the first one was I thought it was pretty good.. Sometimes a little weird but that's life.. The next one we went to was The Mormon Tabernacle Choir which was really good.. I tried really hard not to join in when they were singing but no suprise that my mom was right there with me singing We had a great time..

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Royals Anyone?

We Played a joke on Josh and I had chelsey go grab his hand to see if he noticed..He did! But that didn't mean he was letting go of her hand..
Five Pictures and this was the best one.. of Josh..

So tonight Chelsey and Brett and Josh and I all went to the Royals Game and it was the perfect night for the game.. We had so much fun together even though the Royals lost to the White Soxs.. But Friday Night means Fireworks and I was so excited.. The boys tried to convince us to beat the crowd and leave early.. I wasn't gonna let that happen. Like always I won and we watched the Fireworks from our seats and it was just how I wanted to night to end..

Turning 21